Trial by fire.

Session 1.

The saga begins

The party stands amidst the desolate desert wastes in the relative cool of the mid morning, before the blazing sun makes mere survival a trial. After three days travel, moving primarily at night, the Turan Hills are in view, the three taller peaks marking the location of the valley right where the priest had said they would be. The elf had come to them in Sippar asking for the parties help to retrieve some lost artifacts of his Melorian faith from a long forgotten temple, a collection fist sized, coloured, quartz crystals which, despite their size, he assures them are of little value except for their religious significance. The temple he first described as “standing on the life spring of ”/campaign/tbf/wikis/the-river-karun" class=“wiki-page-link”>the river Karun“, but when it became clear that this meant nothing to the members of the party he instead outlined the journey to the northeast and described the valley they were bound for, its mouth flanked by two of the tallest peaks of the range with a third taller one appearing to stand between them. While he doesn’t expect their to be any great difficulty with their retrieval, even saying that he would be prepared to do it himself except that it is necessary that he remain behind to over see the construction of the ”/campaign/tbf/wikis/the-followers-of-melora" class=“wiki-page-link”>temple, such a place of shelter in the wilderness is obviously likely to have been made home by something and as such he is prepared to offer you each gold pieces, of it up front, to reflect the potential hazards of the task.
Delaying only a few hours to prepare and gather information and supplies the party headed out into the desert.



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